Thursday, January 22, 2015


Although filmmaker Richard Rossi's movie "Baseball's Last Hero" started the Clemente canonization campaign, he said he "is not the most qualified person to lead the campaign" and needs "a team to pick up the torch."  Rossi said by email he is "recruiting others to take over the issue of Roberto Clemente's sainthood." (Although Richard has done some current interviews as he has ability to do so.)  "We need others motivated by the same love we feel for Christ and for Roberto Clemente," Rossi said.  "I grew up as a boy in Pittsburgh watching Roberto play.  Sainthood seems like an honor he is worthy of to us."

In an email sent from Rossi and his wife, they detailed more information on the canonization committee that is forming.  "We want to hand the ball off, to pass the torch to others to continue this grassroots movement.  We are currently researching the backgrounds of Catholic leaders contacting us with messages of support to find the best qualified candidates to form a canonization committee of priests, nuns, and lay leaders who will assist in talking with the Archbishop in San Juan, talking to media, meeting with any friends or family of Clemente if the Archbishop requests, and if he greenlights the canonization, answering objections to Clemente's canonization and the arguments opposing it, communicating with Latin America, and gathering and evaluating evidence of miracles."
If you have a clergy member or church leader you feel could assist with this effort, email their name to

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