Thursday, October 30, 2014


Catholic News Wire
A cinematic homage to the saintly qualities of baseball Hall-of-Famer Roberto Clemente, has resulted in a manifestation of miracles associated with viewings of the film "Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories."  The paranormal experiences are hastening the movement to canonize Clemente as a saint and speed up a meeting with Pope Francis.

The Los Angeles Times reported director Richard Rossi has been gathering evidence of miracles to support the cause to canonize Clemente. Rossi has stated his belief that Clemente qualifies as a Christlike martyr because he died to save others in a humanitarian rescue mission to earthquake victims in Nicaragua.

According to a letter Rossi sent to Pope Francis and the archbishop of Clemente’s native Puerto Rico: “Roberto Clemente was not only the best rightfielder of all time in his 18 seasons for the Pittsburgh Pirates, but was also an imitator of Christ, dying to save others, on a mission of mercy to earthquake victims in Nicaragua. My film shows Clemente exemplified the Scripture, ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends’ ”

Viewers of the film have alleged they felt a supernatural presence and received healings of various ailments ranging from heart problems and back pains to cancer.

Under normal circumstances, miracles are considered much later in the process, after the church has officially opened a sainthood cause. Catholic teaching says miracles attributed to a saint — two are needed for canonization, after his or her death — are evidence that the person has God’s ear in heaven.